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NEFS Online Classes

Happy New Year! Our next block of classes (NEFS 2021 Block 1) begins on Weds 13th January. Information about the block and how to book is available on the Classes Page

In this 5-week block, Stewart will be exploring two magnificent tunes in D minor, the key that Nigel Tufnel immortalised as, “the very saddest of keys” (This is Spinal Tap, 1984). There will be a sprightly old jig for Level 2, and a joyous modern reel by Frankie Cleeve for Level 3. Melissa’s tunes are a timely reminder that our culture has been fed with the talents of musicians from far afield. The 18th centuary writer and composer, Ignatius Sancho, was the first known person of African descent to vote in a British general election. As well as his famous letters, he wrote four books of songs and lively dance music in the folk idiom. Level 2 will learn a G major reel, whilst Level 3 will practice high third fingers for the key of A major. More details…

Online fiddle tuition in the comfort of your own home! North East Fiddle School has moved online during the COVID-19 lockdown, bringing the same excellent standards of fiddle teaching into your home – wherever you are. Worksheets, audio files and in-depth video tutorials will take you through exercises to develop your fiddle playing and teach you tunes with bowing, ornamentation and style. You can progress through the materials at your own pace, and you can repeat any section as often as you wish. There will be two tunes taught for each of two ability Levels by our wonderful tutors, Stewart Hardy and Melissa Whitehead.

Fiddle Practice sessions for all will take place weekly on Zoom, and a group social gathering at the end of the block will be included. These are an optional extra – if you aren’t able to join Zoom (or prefer not to) this won’t impact your progress through the video tutorials, and the sessions are recorded for you to play back later via YouTube if you wish.

There is also an optional Live Teaching element which will focus on teaching Core Repertoire using fundamental fiddle techniques, and will be accessible to both Level 2 and 3 players. This will be taught on Zoom and will be available as a replay on YouTube.

The cost for 5 weeks of in-depth video tutorials presented weekly, full worksheets and audio files and live Fiddle Practice Calls (or access to the Recordings) is £47. Add the Live Teaching element with 45 minutes of repertoire building each week for just £12. Follow the links for further details and the Online Booking Form, or get in touch with Ali for any queries.


Access to previous materials

As all our Resources are online, including worksheets, audio files, video tutorials and recordings of our live Zoom calls, you can still sign up for previous courses. Materials for the following blocks are available:

The cost for the Resources from previous classes is £47 for each block. This includes in-depth video tutorials for 3 tunes for Level 2 and 3 tunes for Level 3 (see the Ability Level Guide) with full supporting materials and recordings of five Fiddle Practice Calls. The blocks with the Live Teaching element are £59 per block.

If you are interested in hearing more about NEFS, our next block of classes and any future events, you can sign up to our Mailing List.
[N.B. If you have previously registered for an NEFS Block you are already on the Mailing List!]



The North East Fiddle School offers weekly classes on Fiddle Technique and Style on a Wednesday evening at the Westfield School in Gosforth. Our excellent team of tutors teach classes based on fiddle technique and style, for different ability levels. Over the course of each evening all ability groups will be taught by two different tutors, which alternate each half-term, thus allowing for a range of teaching styles and repertoire.

The evenings run on Wednesdays from 6.30 – 9.15 pm and aim to provide an encouraging and stimulating environment for those wishing to improve their fiddle playing and musicianship. Students should be aged 16 or over and details of our full class offerings are available on the Classes page. Please use the contact form to get in touch and for booking details.