We have reached the second block of the year already, and are taking bookings for the five weeks from 27th February to 27th March. This block we will be running classes at Level 2 and Level 3. Level 2 will have Melissa for Technique and Stewart for Style, and Level 3 will have Stewart for Technique and Melissa for Style. If you would like to book a place, please use the Contact page to get in touch.

Level 2
Stewart’s Style class theme will be “Ringing Strings & Lazy Bows”, exploring how and when to play more than one note in great fiddle tunes.

Level 3
Melissa has chosen to explore the hypnotic time signature of 7/8 with Level 3. This time signature has some great grooves that, once you’ve got the hang of them, you’ll never want to let go.

Join us for another five weeks of fabulous fiddle tuition.