North East Fiddle School

The North East Fiddle School strives to provide the very highest quality of fiddle tuition. A safe and nurturing learning environment encourages participants to improve both as fiddle players and musicians, increasing their stylistic awareness and appreciation of a strong fiddle tradition. Technique, style, musicianship and ensemble are covered through progressive, weekly classes.

We work with extremely talented tutors, who are committed to the highest standards of fiddle tuition and professionalism and who seek to develop their own skills and practice. This allows us to celebrate the full fiddle tradition of the North East of England through teaching its repertoire and tunes. By offering tuition in other regional styles we will raise awareness of the differences between, and commonality within fiddle traditions. We aim to continue to develop the local fiddle tradition by embracing all aspects of fiddle playing and through the encouraging of the creation of new works. This will be showcased through concerts and community events, and enhanced through links with other regional musical centres.

Directors: Stewart Hardy & Ali Say
Administrator: Ali Say
Weekly Tutors: Stewart Hardy, Melissa Whitehead & Ali Say
Guest Tutors: Sophy Ball, Kevin Lees, Grace Smith & Jim Boyle

Meet the Team

Online Classes

Online fiddle tuition in the comfort of your own home! North East Fiddle School has moved online during the COVID-19 lockdown, bringing the same excellent standards of fiddle teaching into your home – wherever you are. Worksheets, audio files and in-depth video tutorials will take you through exercises to develop your fiddle playing and teach you tunes with bowing, ornamentation and style. You progress through the materials at your own pace, and you can repeat any section as often as you wish. There will be 3 tunes taught for each ability Level by our wonderful tutors, Stewart Hardy and Melissa Whitehead.

Live Fiddle Practice sessions will take place weekly on Zoom, and a group social gathering at the end of the block will be included. These are optional – if you aren’t able to join Zoom (or prefer not to) this won’t impact your progress through the course, and the sessions are recorded for you to play back later.

New for Block 5 is the option to add a Live Teaching element to your course. This will focus on Core Repertoire, taught live on Zoom calls each Wednesday evening after the Fiddle Practice Call. This is separate from the Video Tutorials and will be accessible to both Levels. There will be a small additional fee for this element, which is optional. View the Classes page for further details.


We are delighted to be able to use rooms at Westfield School in Gosforth, Newcastle. We meet in the Senior House and car parking access is available from the Elmfield Road entrance.