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Spring Half-Term Bookings

We are now taking bookings for the Spring Half-Term which runs from Weds 21st February. There will be five weeks of tuition, but as we can’t use the school on Weds 21st March, these classes will be held on Weds 28th March instead. We are hoping to organise a social event on Weds 21st March, which will be run on a drop-in basis, but won’t be included in the course.

Stewart and Grace have been delighted with the take-up of the places and the response of the students from the first half-term. We have taken on board everybody’s feedback and will be making slight changes to the format as we go forwards. There have been many requests for more time spent on exercises and less on learning new tunes and they are very happy to oblige! So the Technique and Style classes will use the same repertoire for this half-term, with the exercises and techniques taught in the first class being used to support the learning of the tune and the stylistic considerations of the second class.

There are limited spaces left in both ability levels at the moment, so do get in touch to reserve your place. The cost for the classes is £80 for five weeks of two classes per evening, or £45 for one class per evening (either Technique or Style).


Course Summary:

Five week course (21st Feb – 28th Mar 2018. No classes on Weds 21st Mar)
Class 1 – Technque:  18:30 – 19:45
Class 2 – Style:  20:00 – 21:15
Both classes are available at two ability levels (Level 1: beginner/intermediate;  Level 2: intermediate/advanced)
£80 for both classes each week, for five weeks
£45 for one class per week (Technique or Style)

Opening Evening

A huge thank you to everyone who registered for our first half-term and came along to make last night a very special evening as we launched the North East Fiddle School. We were a little nervous beforehand, but the enthusiasm from all 23 (yes, twenty three!) participants, and the fact that everyone found the venue and seemed quite excited, helped us through the evening. From Grace’s lovely rendition of Snowy Monday, to Stewart’s ranting (the dance step, I mean – he wasn’t in a bad mood!) it will be an evening that stays long in my memory!

Many thanks to all at Westfield School who have helped us with the venue, and to all our friends and colleagues who have been so supportive. We are already looking forward to continuing the great work on fiddle technique and style next week.

Here we go!

North East Fiddle School #fiddle #tuition #workshop #northeast #england

We are very excited to announce the launch of the North East Fiddle School! This project has been a long time in Stewart’s ‘5 year plan’ phase, but has now quite suddenly come to the ‘let’s do it right now’ phase! We are delighted to say that Grace Smith will be joining Stewart with the tuition, allowing us to offer two ability groups throughout each evening.

Ali Say will be keeping things ticking over on the admin side. Do say hello on social media, and any sharing of our publicity would be very helpful indeed. Please use the contact form to get in touch and for booking details.