NEFS 2022 Block 4: June/July

We have two very contrasting tunes selected for the video tuition: ‘The Cuckoo’s Nest’ is a cornerstone of the traditions of these islands and this version from Wales (Stewart’s personal favourite) must surely rank as one of the very best; Melissa will teach the ever popular French Canadian Reel, ‘The Mouth of the Tobique’, which is such an immensely satisfying tune to play and can be heard in sessions everywhere. For the Wednesday evening online classes, we’ll be dusting off a waltz that has long been a favourite of NEFS, ‘Midnight on the Water’ (Luke Thomasson). Finally, for our Saturday workshop day, Melissa will be bringing the wonderful Irish Reel, ‘The Earl’s Chair’ (Packie Moloney), whilst Stewart will continue to indulge his love for waltzes from the New World with the absolutely gorgeous ‘Ookpik Waltz’ (Frankie Rodgers).

Bookings open now!

This block we will offer both online tuition (including live Zoom calls and recorded Video Tutorials) and an in-person full-day workshop. The five-week block begins on Wednesday 15th June, and the in-person workshop is on Saturday 18th June.


  • 5 week course of fully-online fiddle tuition, accessible from anywhere and at any time.
  • Three in-depth sets of Video Tutorials, aimed at either Level 2 or Level 3 players, but available for all to follow. Each set of videos includes technique, a tune taught by the phrase and a detailed look at bowing, ornamentation or stylistic interpretation. Two tunes, one each from Stewart and Melissa will be new sets of video tutorials, and the third will be a revision tune from a previous block.
  • Wednesday evening live Zoom calls, including Fiddle Practice, a Technical Nugget and learning a tune on Zoom (the Live Teaching call)
  • Recordings of Zoom calls available for catch-up.

This block runs from Weds 15th June to Weds 13th July, with an optional Social Play-along on Weds 20th July.
Cost is £60 for the five week block.


Saturday Full-day Workshop
Saturday 18th June, 10.00 am – 5.00 pm
at Wylam Methodist Church, Chapel Lane, Wylam NE41 8AA
Cost is £40 for the full day. Tea/coffee included, bring your own lunch.

  • In-person group fiddle tuition focusing on developing fiddle technique.
  • Tunes and technique delivered by both Melissa and Stewart.
  • In-depth fiddle teaching aimed at Levels 2 and 3.
  • The day includes 3 mixed ability workshops and a tutor-guided session.
  • Full access to all resources for the Live Teaching tunes played in the session.

We will run the session from 3.45 – 5.00 pm, and if you are unable to attend for the full day, you can sign up for just the session, space permitting. Please get in touch to request booking details for this.

The workshop will be run with an awareness of the current COVID-19 situation. By attending an in-person event organised by NEFS, you agree to follow our guidelines, and any further reasonable requests made by the venue, the Tutors or Directors, to keep the group safe and all attendees feeling as comfortable as possible.

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  • A 5% discount is applied if you purchase both the Online and In-person options.

Add the products to your basket where the discount will be applied. Check what you have added by using the menu: Shop > Cart. You can checkout using PayPal, or by indicating that you will pay by bank transfer or by posting a cheque. All details are provided after you click “Place Order”.

Details of Online option:

Fiddle Practice Calls are available to all participants on a Wednesday evening (7.00 – 7.40 pm). These are held on Zoom and are an optional extra to learning the tunes in the video tutorials. They are a chance to play along with a tutor-led practice session, giving you 30 minutes of fiddle practice and ideas to take away for your own practice, including a useful ‘Technical nugget’. There is also a Tune Surgery Q&A event which is held from Week 2 onwards at 6.45 pm (before the Fiddle Practice Call) to address any questions raised from the video tutorials. Signing up includes an invitation to the Social event on Zoom at the end of the block, where we will play through the video tutorial tunes together and a selection of the Live Teaching tunes. A recording of every call will be available on YouTube, and is included in the cost.

The Live Teaching calls will be on a Wednesday evening following the Fiddle Practice Call, running from 7.50 – 8.30 pm for the 5 weeks. This event will focus on Core Repertoire using fundamental fiddle techniques, and will be accessible to both Level 2 and 3 players. This will include revision of the tunes previously taught, with full resources and recordings of past calls provided for those new to the Live Teaching element. There will also be new tunes to add to your core repertoire, taught be ear with full supporting resources available. Recordings of the Live Teaching calls will be available each week if you miss one, have technical difficulties, or prefer to work from YouTube and not Zoom.

All course materials are provided via a password protected webpage. Worksheets (pdf files) and audio files (mp3 files) are available to view/listen online or download. Video tutorials and Recordings of live calls are provided as links to unlisted YouTube videos. New resources will be added each week, and then all materials will be available for you to access in your own time for as long as you need them.

Please use the contact form if you have any queries. Payment (by bank transfer, cheque or PayPal) is required to confirm all bookings and can be made through the Shop for the relevant product.

Materials for both levels will be available to all participants, so you don’t need to decide which level you are signing up to in advance. For information on the standard at which each level is aimed, please see the Ability Level Guide.