NEFS 2020 Block 4

Weds 10th June – Weds 8th July inclusive (five weeks)

Level 2 and Level 3:
Technique and Style – Combined Virtual Classes

We will be running another block of Virtual Classes for NEFS. This will include 3 tunes for each Level with worksheets, audio files of the tunes, and in-depth video tutorials of exercises and tuition of the tunes, with bowing and ornamentation.

Live technique practice sessions and a group social gathering via video-conferencing will be included. These will be held on Zoom and are an optional extra – if you aren’t able to join Zoom (or prefer not to) this won’t impact your progress through the tunes.

The cost is £47 for the 5 weeks and you can sign up at any point during the block. New resources will be added each week, and then all materials will be available for you to access in your own time. The first live Fiddle Practice call will be on Zoom on Weds 10th June at 7.00 pm.

Please email or use the contact form if you have any queries. To reserve your place please use the Online Booking Form. Payment (by bank transfer, cheque or PayPal) is required to confirm all bookings.


Materials will be aimed at either NEFS Level 2 or Level 3. Please see below for our definitions.

Level 3
Level 3 classes are aimed at proficient fiddle players who are comfortable with playing tunes in the common dance forms. You will be aware of ornamentation and bowing patterns and aspire to incorporate them more fully into your playing. Repertoire will include tunes in keys with signatures between one flat and 3 sharps.

Level 2
For our Level 2 classes you will be familiar with basic tune forms (waltzes, jigs, hornpipes, polkas and reels) and will already be able to play simple tunes at a steady tempo in these different styles. Tunes will generally be in keys with signatures of no flats/sharps, 1 sharp or 2 sharps. You might be developing an interest in bowing styles and interpretation of the repertoire.

Not currently running – Absolute Beginners and Level 1 rely much more on face to face interaction during these early stages. If you are keen to continue your fiddle studies, we highly recommend online 1-1 lessons. Please get in touch if you would like contact details for our tutors to enquire about availability.

Level 1
To get the most out of Level 1 fiddle classes you will be familiar with the basics of the instrument – how to hold the violin and the bow. You will have some rudimentary reading and/or aural skills, be familiar with open strings and the basic finger positions to produce a one octave scale of G, D and A major as well as a two octave scale of G major. You may not have an in depth knowledge of fiddle music, but will aspire to acquire the core beginner folk repertoire.

Absolute Beginners
This is a five week course aimed at those who have not played a violin before. It will give a basic introduction to holding the instrument and playing traditional fiddle. It will introduce bow hold, open strings and your first hand position, enabling you to have a go at your first tunes. You will need to bring a violin with you for this course, but do get in touch if you would like assistance with sourcing an instrument. Places are limited, so please email to reserve your place in advance.