2021 Block 1 Live Teaching

2021 Block 1 Live Teaching

Following a question about which harmony notes Stewart was playing in Kemp’s Jig during our Week 5 play-through, Stewart has written them out for those who are interested. You will see there are some double stopped grace notes, and also a couple of melodic variations. The repeats are written out in full to show how the harmony and melody can vary each time – just if you fancy it!

Notation of all the Live Teaching tunes to date:

Live Teaching Call Recordings

  1. 2021 Block 1 Week 1: 13th Jan 2021 – The Foxhunter’s Jig
  2. 2021 Block 1 Week 2: 20th Jan 2021 – The Foxhunter’s Jig revision, Kemp’s Jig and Emma från Finland
  3. 2021 Block 1 Week 3: 27th Jan 2021 – Roxburgh Castle
  4. 2021 Block 1 Week 4: 3rd Feb 2021 – Roxburgh Castle revision and The Foxhunter’s Jig
  5. 2021 Block 1 Week 5: 10th Feb 2021 – Playthrough: The Foxhunter’s Jig, Roxburgh Castle, Kemp’s Jig, Emma från Finland, Jacob and Polka de l’Aveyron

Playlist URL: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUIZpQoX3ailYhXPHa2rmTWpAoUKiYPa-

New Tunes for Block 1

Roxburgh Castle – Notation (pdf)

Audio files:

Roxburgh Castle (Full Speed)
Roxburgh Castle (Mid)
Roxburgh Castle (Steady)

Roxburgh Castle – zip file (notation and audio files to download)


Foxhunter’s JigNotation (pdf)

Audio files:

Foxhunter’s Jig (Full Speed)
Foxhunter’s Jig (Mid)
Foxhunter’s Jig (Steady)

Foxhunter’s Jig – zip file (notation and audio files to download)

The tune will be taught by ear during the Live Teaching calls beginning on Weds 13th January. Have a listen in advance if you can as this really helps with learning by ear. The notation is available here for you to print for reference, but trust the teaching method and have a go by ear, as it’s a different learning process from reading the notation. There will be one other new tune this block to add to the collection below, and this will be introduced in a week or two. We will also be playing through other tunes from the repertoire (see below) as the block progresses.

Block 6 Call Recordings

  1. Block 6 Week 1: 4th Nov 2020 – Jacob (A part)
  2. Block 6 Week 2: 11th Nov 2020 – Jacob (B part) & Reed House Rant
  3. Block 6 Week 3: 18th Nov 2020 – Emma från Finland
  4. Block 6 Week 4: 25th Nov 2020 – Emma från Finland & Jacob
  5. Block 6 Week 5: 2nd Dec 2020 – revision

Playlist URL: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUIZpQoX3ailzIFnlsBVvZle4tUBtc45n

Tunes taught in Block 6

Emma från FinlandNotation (pdf)

Audio files (mp3)

Emma från Finland (Full Speed)

Emma från Finland Zip file

JacobNotation (pdf)

Audio files (mp3)

Jacob (Full Speed)
Jacob (Steady)

Jacob Zip file

Block 5 Call Recordings

  1. Block 5 Week 1: 16th Sept 2020 – Kemp’s Jig
  2. Block 5 Week 2: 23rd Sept 2020 – Polka de l’Aveyron
  3. Block 5 Week 3: 30th Sept 2020 – Lucy Farr’s Barndance
  4. Block 5 Week 4: 7th Oct 2020 – Reed House Rant
  5. Block 5 Week 5: 14th Oct 2020 – revision of all Block 5 tunes

Playlist URL: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUIZpQoX3aimds646lSVLeciJ9M9qb6wr

Tunes taught in Block 5

Reed House RantNotation (pdf)

Audio files (mp3)

Reed House Rant (Full Free)
Reed House Rant (Mid)
Reed House Rant (Steady)

Reed House Rant Zip file

Lucy Farr’s BarndanceNotation (pdf)

Audio files (mp3)

Lucy Farr’s Barndance (Full Free)
Lucy Farr’s Barndance (Mid)
Lucy Farr’s Barndance (Steady)

Lucy Farr’s Barndance Zip file

Polka de l’AveyronNotation (pdf)

Audio files (mp3)

Polka de l’Aveyron (Mid)
Polka de l’Aveyron (Steady)
Polka de l’Aveyron (Full Free)

Polka de l’Aveyron Zip file

Kemp’s JigNotation (pdf)

Audio files (mp3)

Kemp’s Jig (Mid)
Kemp’s Jig (Steady)
Kemp’s Jig (Full Free)

Kemp’s Jig Zip file

Zip files include the notation and the three audio files.