2024 Block 1 Online: Video Tutorial 2

2024 Block 1 Online: Video Tutorial 2

Weds 17th Jan – Weds 14th Feb

with Kevin Lees

Polska from Småland – with Kevin

Harmony written by Andreas Ralsgård

Audio files

Polska from Småland – Melody Full
Polska from Småland – Melody Steady
Polska from Småland – Harmony Full
Polska from Småland – Harmony Steady

Zip File of all pdfs and audio files for download

Polska from Småland – Video Tutorial

Link to Video


Intro & Technique:
03:19 Dorian Mode
09:28 Scale Practice
15:30 Tune Demonstration

Tune Teaching:
16:41 A part
24:01 A part stylistic enhancements
29:32 B part
36:03 Once through play-through

38:12 A part
44:52 B part

49:26 Final play-through

There is a sheet of NEFS Video Tips with extra keyboard shortcuts for navigating in YouTube videos.