Fiddle Practice


2021 Block 4 Fiddle Practice: 9th Jun – 7th Jul 2021

2021 Block 3 Fiddle Practice: 21st Apr – 19th May 2021

2021 Block 2 Fiddle Practice: 24th Feb – 24th Mar 2021

2021 Block 1 Fiddle Practice: 13th Jan – 10th Feb 2021


2020 Block 6 Fiddle Practice: 4th Nov – 2nd Dec 2020

The Fiddle Practice Call resources for each Block are in the above folders, each of which has a different password. Prior to 2020 Block 6 the Fiddle Practice Call resources are within the Level Resources pages. Attendees for each block will be sent the password by email on registering for the course. Any problems, please get in touch via the Contact Form.