Level 2: Half Term 5

Half Term 5:  26th Sept – 24th Oct

Week 5  (Weds 24th October):

Level 2 Style with Melissa

181024-NEFS_L2_Style_Melissa zip

Hammer On or Crush (using note below) mp3
Pull Offs or Crushes (using note above) mp3
Strikes or Cuts (using note above) mp3
The Snipe Alternative Ornamentation mp3


Week 4  (Weds 17th October):

Level 2 Style with Melissa

181017-NEFS_L2_Style_Melissa zip

The Lochailfort Fiddlers:
Practice Exercises pdfmp3
Strathspey Rhythm Phrase Breakdown mp3
With straight rhythm and phrasing pdf
Plus bowing and phrasing pdf
Slow with count in mp3
Fast with count in mp3


Week 3  (Weds 10th October):

Level 2 Style with Melissa

181010-NEFS_L2_Style_Melissa zip

Dancing Dolly and The Snipe Practice Exercises pdf
Dancing Dolly Practice Exercises mp3
The Snipe Practice Exercises mp3
Dancing Dolly (with ornaments) pdf / mp3
The Snipe (Duncan Chisholm’s Version) pdf /mp3


Week 2 (Weds 3rd October):

Level 2 Style with Melissa

181003-NEFS_L2_Style_Melissa_Dancing Dolly zip

Dancing Dolly – Phrase 1 (bar 1 and 2) mp3
Dancing Dolly – Phrase 2 (Bar 3 and 4) mp3
Dancing Dolly – Phrase 3 (bar 5 and 6) mp3
Dancing Dolly – Phrase 4 (bar 7 and 8, bar 16 and 17, bar 25 and 26) mp3
Dancing Dolly – Phrase 5 (bar 10 and 11, bar 14 and 15) mp3
Dancing Dolly – Phrase 6 (bar 12 and 13) mp3
Dancing Dolly – Phrase 7 (bar 19 and 20, bar 23 and 24) mp3
Dancing Dolly – Phrase 8 (bar 21 and 22) mp3
Dancing Dolly (fast with count in) mp3
Dancing Dolly (Slow with count in) mp3
Dancing Dolly (with optional bowing) pdf

Week 1 (Weds 26th Sept):

Level 2 Style with Melissa

180926-NEFS-L2_Style_Melissa-The_Snipe_Individual_Phrases zip

The Snipe Phrase 1 (Bars 1 and 2, 5 and 6, 22 and 23) mp3
The Snipe Phrase 2 (Bar 3 and 4) mp3
The Snipe Phrase 3 (Bar 6 and 7, Bar 16 and 17, Bar 24 and 25. mp3
The Snipe Phrase 4 (Bar 10 and 11, Bar 18 and 19) mp3
The Snipe Phrase 5 (Bar 12 and 13, Bar 20 and 21) mp3
The Snipe Phrase 6 (Bar 14 and 15) mp3

Level 2 Advance Material

Donald Riddell – The Clunes Collection (Repertoire: a zip file for download – includes pdf files and different speed recordings)

Notation for tunes (pdf)

  1. The Snipe pdf
  2. Dancing Dolly pdf
  3. The Lochailfort Fiddlers pdf

Audio recordings of the tunes

  1. The Snipe mp3
  2. Dancing Dolly mp3
  3. The Lochailfort Fiddlers mp3

The Repertoire file and weekly zip files are compressed files which are available to download. Click the link and save the file to your computer or device, then select the downloaded folder and Extract the files. Where individual pdf files are provided, click to view, or right-click (Control click on a Mac) to download. Single mp3 files can be played in your browser (click to open in new window) and downloaded individually from there.