Level 3: 2019 Block 6

Week 5 (Weds 4th December):

Level 3 Technique with Stewart

01-SpanningFifths_PlayingSixths mp3


Booking form for 2020 Block 1 – Weds 15th Jan to Weds 12th Feb 2020


Week 4 (Weds 27th November):

Level 3 Technique with Stewart

191127-NEFS_L3_Tech_Stewart zip

191127-L3a_Technique pdf
01-Dmajor_ScaleExercise mp3
02-PachelbelFifths_MM104 mp3
03-PachelbelFifiths_MM80 mp3
04-SpanningFifths_ResolvingSixths mp3
05-Motifs_Ditches3rds-HooksFJs mp3
06-Motifs_FJs_Triads mp3
07-Motifs_SJs_Triads mp3


Level 3 Style with Melissa

No new files


Here are the dots for the Big Tunes from July if you’d like to have look in advance of our Christmas social evening .

Audio files:

Andrew’s March
Midnight on the Water
Calum’s Waltz
Wasn’t I The Happy Lass Last Year
The Hexhamshire Lass
The Rusty Gulley
The Dusty Miller
The Reed House Rant
Peter’s Peerie Boat
Lucy Farr’s Barndance

Zip file with all the above included to download.


Week 3 (Weds 20th November):

Level 3 Technique with Stewart

191120-NEFS_L3_Tech_Stewart zip

191127-L3a_Technique pdf


Week 2 (Weds 13th November):

Level 3 Technique with Stewart

191113-NEFS_L3_Tech_Stewart zip

Week 1 (Weds 6th November):

Level 3 Technique with Stewart

191106-NEFS_L3_Tech_Stewart zip

Tabache – A faster, modern version of Duke of Fife’s. (2 mins in): https://youtu.be/cWTunNxakPs

Paul Anderson – A traditional North East version of Duke of Fife’s: https://youtu.be/5YUrkp4vEOg

Simon Thoumire’s explanation of who the Duke of Fife was! https://youtu.be/88gcPYesgvs

Recordings of James Scott Skinner’s playing: https://www.abdn.ac.uk/scottskinner/audio.php


Level 3: 2019 Block 6 – Advance Material

Level 3 Repertoire (zip file with pdf and all audio files for download): Scott Skinner Variations

Level 3 Tunes (pdf)

  1. Professor Blackie ( Slow / Full )
  2. The Duke of Fife’s Welcome to Deeside ( Slow / Full )

The Repertoire file and weekly zip files are compressed files which are available to download. Click the link and save the file to your computer or device, then select the downloaded folder and Extract the files. Where individual pdf files are provided, click to view, or right-click (Control click on a Mac) to download. Single mp3 files can be played in your browser (click to open in new window) and downloaded individually from there.