Online Format – Feedback

We are looking ahead to our next Online Block in January & February 2021, and are interested in your feedback on how the current format is working for you.

We are aware that a lot of resources have been provided in each block (and have received a few passing comments to that effect!) When we opened up all Resources to everyone, we didn’t expect everyone to feel they should do everything! However, they are all such great tunes that Level 2 players are doing a great job of challenging themselves to some Level 3 tunes, and Level 3 players are applying what they know to get the most out of the Level 2 tunes. Now we also have the Live Teaching element and more great tunes, not to mention the hours of Fiddle Practice Call recordings to utilise!

Stewart and Melissa have provided such great in-depth teaching, even for the Level 2 tunes (which might not been required with an in-person L2 workshop) but this has led to a lot of extra preparation in trying to cater for all people in all tunes. It also means a lot more detail in the video tutorials which might have made them feel overwhelming.

It may be that you are very happy with the current format, and just take from it what you need. However, we are interested in possibly reducing the amount of preparation and recording time required overall for Stewart & Melissa. Please let us know what you think – we don’t want to change things and then find that no-one is happy!

The survey looks a little long and there are quite a lot of questions, but it should be quick to fill in (less than 5 mins). You don’t have to fill it all in – just the sections which are relevant to you. There are comment boxes, but again please don’t feel obliged! It is just for you to have a chance to let us know how things are going, how much is useful, what you are finding fun, and how best to approach the format in the new year.

Many thanks for your time. If you have any problems with the form, please send me an email or use the Contact Form.


Online materials feedback
Have you worked through any of the Video Tutorials in this block or previous blocks?
Which Level's Video Tutorials have you tried?
How many Video Tutorial tunes have you worked on, on average per block?
How many of the separate videos for each tune have you worked on, on average?
Do you most associate yourself with
Overall, how did you find the speed and depth of tuition in the Video Tutorials aimed at your Level (or closest level)?
How effective have you found the Video Tutorials for improving your technique?
How effective have you found the Video Tutorials for learning tunes?
How effective have you found the Video Tutorials for adding bowing, ornamentation and groove?
How useful have your found the choice of Video Tutorial tunes for playing for fun, expanding your repertoire, learning for a session or for playing in a ceilidh band?
Have you taken part in a Live Teaching call?
How effective have you found the Live Teaching calls for learning tunes?
Overall, taking into account effectiveness of teaching, enjoyability and dedicating time to learning, do you have a preference for Video Tutorials or Live Teaching
Have you attended a Fiddle Practice Call (or used the recording)?
How useful have you found the Fiddle Practice Calls for improving your technique?
For improving your technique, how useful have you found the following Fiddle Practice sections: Finger Positions?
Scalic exercises
Bowing Patterns
Do you agree that the current NEFS Online model offers good value for money?
One proposal is to move towards more focused Level Video Tutorial tunes, one for each of 4 levels (as we did for the Virtual Summer School) but still with access to all. So a Level 2 player would have one specific tune, and could try Level 1 and/or Level 3 aswell. If this was implemented for the same price, how interested would you be in signing up for the next block?