Virtual Summer School

Virtual Summer Schools

We have run Virtual Summer Schools live on Zoom since lockdown hit in 2020. It is always a delight to work with our guest tutors, and to present an exciting line-up of fiddle practice, tune workshops, question & answer sessions, concerts and play-along sessions.

In January 2023, we ran a Virtual Winter Workout, which was also hugely enjoyable. Check out the Virtual Winter Workout page for further details and for any future announcements!

Thank you so much for past years!

A huge thank you to absolutely everyone who has attended our Virtual Summer Schools in 2020 and 2021. We have been blown away by the number of participants and by your enthusiasm and positive attitude throughout both weekends. We had a fantastic time and hope that you all enjoyed the Zoom calls, the chat events, the video tutorials and the concerts! We would also like to thank our fabulous tutors who worked so hard to record videos in advance, provide great resource sheets, and did an amazing job of teaching on Zoom and being good sports in the chat events! Thank you so much! Please visit the Merchandise Page to see links to their websites and social media pages to support their work.

Thank you for joining us!