Level 4 Live

Live Workshop on Zoom with Kevin Lees

Proptrækkeren (The Corkscrew)

“Crooked Tunes From a Crooked Island – Læsø! The island of Læsø is quite the outlander in Danish Folklore. Its geographical location meant that dances and tunes were done differently to the rest of Denmark – polkas danced the wrong way round, tunes with extra beats and seaweed roofs for houses?! Come and learn an iconic polka, ‘Proptrækkeren’ (The Corkscrew), with guaranteed extra beats, bars and interesting melodic phrases.”

Sunday 23rd Aug, 12:00 – 13:00



Audio Files

  • Proptrækkeren (Fast)
  • Proptrækkeren (Steady)

Proptrækkeren Zip File – download the notation pdf and audio files together.