Saturday Video Questions

Live Workshop on Zoom with Kevin Lees, Melissa Whitehead, Sophy Ball and Stewart Hardy

A chance to ask specific questions about the tunes taught in the video tutorials suggested for today.

Saturday 22nd Aug, 5.15 pm

A quick summary of the previous questions in the call:

  • Roxanne is know by many names and with many different versions, including The Texas Waltz.
  • Blue Bonnets Over the Border is in 6/8 and can by played both as a slow air (as exemplified by Natalie MacMaster on “In My Hands”) and as a jig (by John McCusker on “Yella Hoose”. Led to a discussion of Pipe Marches also being in 6/8 with a steady 2 in a bar feel.
  • We discussed Melissa’s reference to the “Cross cut saw” bowing pattern.
  • We discussed the position of the bow on the string (between the bridge and the fingerboard) for playing on two strings and how it changed the tone.