Tutors’ Concert

Virtual Summer School Tutors’ Concert

Sunday 23rd August, 7.30 pm

As a closing event to our Virtual Summer School, this concert will be live-streamed to YouTube. Ali Say will introduce the tutors, who have each recorded a concert spot in advance. Sit back and enjoy some wonderful fiddle playing featuring:

  • Stewart Hardy
  • Jim Boyle
  • Grace Smith (joined by Sam Partridge)
  • Melissa Whitehead and Andy Watt
  • Kevin Lees
  • Sophy Ball

There will be a short interval half way through the concert. Thank you for tuning in!

To get the best experience from the live-stream, ensure the internet connection to your device is as strong as possible. If you experience any video lag, you can pause the live-stream and allow YouTube to buffer for 30 – 40 seconds before playing it again. If there is any disruption to the feed, you can try rewinding the playback and pausing again, or refreshing your browser window. At any point you can drag the playback bar to the far right to return to the live broadcast, and catch up with any missed sections afterwards.

Please bear with us and this new (for us!) technology and way of doing things. The concert will be available for a one month as a Replay on YouTube.