Big Tune Workshop with Stewart

Video Tutorial (below)
Live Workshop: Saturday 7th January, 17:30 – 18:00

The Fallowfield March (Rob Say)

Our Big Tune will be Rob Say’s wonderfully catchy creation, The Fallowfield March. This is being embraced by a number of Northumbrian sessions – it’s an earworm, it’s wonderfully memorable and it is very accessible.

Zoom Call Recording

Link to Playlist

Audio files

Zip File of all pdfs and audio files for download

A recording of the Live Workshop will be available here after the event for one month if you’d like to catch up with it, or go over anything again.

Video Tutorial

Video sections
On YouTube, use the hyperlinks in the Video Description to jump to different points in the video (Click Watch on YouTube and then Show More in the grey description box).

Here are the timestamps to scroll through manually:

00:00Playthrough: Full Tempo x 2
03:57A part Structure
06:33A part Steady Play x 4
09:15A part Phrases
17:13B part Structure
19:35B part Steady Play x 4
22:24B part Phrases
28:08Playthrough: Mid Tempo Bowing x 1
30:11Going Deeper – Articulation
33:11Going Deeper – Ornamentation
43:04Playthrough: Mid Tempo Realization x 2