We had a fantastic time at the Virtual Summer School this block, and as we prepare for the next block of online classes we want to add some more of that live experience into our weekly meetings.

So we are adding a Live Teaching element which will follow on from the Fiddle Practice Calls on a Wednesday evening. These will be 45 minutes of Core Repertoire building, reinforcing the fundamentals of fiddle playing with some fun and accessible tunes. Players of both ability levels are welcome and notation will be provided although the tunes will be taught as if by ear. There will be some new tunes to expand your repertoire, and there will also be some tunes which have been taught in previous NEFS blocks or at other workshops. By revisiting these, and ‘learning’ them again by ear with a reminder of finger and bowing patterns and the groove of the tune, they will become more familiar and easier to play. Recordings of the Live Teaching calls will be available each week in case you have to miss one, or experience technical difficulties, or if indeed you prefer to work from YouTube rather than Zoom.

If you would like to take part in these calls or to have access to the Recordings, you can sign up now and make sure you tick the Block 5 Online with Live Teaching (£59) option on the Block 5 Booking Form. If you would prefer to stick to the Video Tutorials and Fiddle Practice Calls, please select the Block 5 Online standard (£47) option. Payment can then be made through the Shop using a bank transfer, cheque or PayPal.