Level 1: Half Term 5

Half Term 5:  26th Sept – 24th October 2018

Week 5 (Weds 24th October):

Week 4 (Weds 14th October):

No new files


Week 3 (Weds 10th October):

Week 2 (Weds 3rd October):

Week 1 (Weds 26th Sept):

Level 1 Advance Material

Technique & Style

Basic score for tunes (pdf)

  1. Egan’s Polka
  2. Angeline Baker
  3. Oh! Those Britches Full of Stitches

The Repertoire file and weekly zip files are compressed files which are available to download. Click the link and save the file to your computer or device, then select the downloaded folder and Extract the files. Where individual pdf files are provided, click to view, or right-click (Control click on a Mac) to download. Single mp3 files can be played in your browser (click to open in new window) and downloaded individually from there.