Level 3: 2020 Block 2

Harlequin Air

Stewart had planned to teach Harlequin Air to Level 2 last block. He has recorded a couple of extra videos and wanted to share them with Level 3 too. The worksheet is provided as a pdf, there are audio files and two video tutorials – just for fun! Enjoy the tune.

Harlequin Air Worksheet (pdf)

Audio Files: Harlequin Air ( Steady / Full )

Harlequin Air Videos:

01 Tune & Bowing
02 Ornaments & Lazy Bows

Week 5 (Weds 25th March) – Virtual Class:

Level 3 Technique with Stewart

Interactive Technique class – grab your fiddles and play along. If you want to follow the notation, you’ll need the D major Scale Exercise sheet from Week 1 (here it is again). Click the image below for the Playlist, or the links for the individual videos.

Playlist includes:

01 Warm up
02 Doubling exercise
Start with D major Scale Exercise 1) Two Strings
‘Hup’ – double the bow speed or catch up. ‘On’ – move onto the next exercise 2) Three Strings and 3) Four Strings at the same speed
03 Passage work
Use Exercise 3) Four Strings If you are following the ‘bowing notation’ at the foot of the page, this covers: a), b), c), d), f), e) and g)  (in that order!)
04 Bowing exercise for driven up bow
(Bowing pattern j)


Level 3 Style with Melissa

1. Ornamentation
2. Session A9 playing Miller of Drone (36 mins)


Week 4 (Weds 18th March) – Virtual Class:

Level 3 Technique with Stewart

Invervallic Relationships version 2 – updated pdf to add the minor seconds hand frame.

2 videos on the hand frames for intervals across three strings:

01 Intervallic Relationships: Major 2nd / Perfect 4th / Major 6th
02 Intervallic Relationships: Minor 2nd / Augmented 4th / Minor 6th

Level 3 Style with Melissa

Miller Of Drone Worksheet pdf

Miller of Drone video tutorial:

Week 3 (Weds 11th March):

Level 3 Technique with Stewart

No new files

Level 3 Style with Melissa

Miller O’ Hirn and Earl Grey Versions pdf

Blazin’ FIddles strathspeys, starting with Aidan O’Rourke playing Miller of Drone (in preparation for next week):  https://youtu.be/URwUXAXu0r4


Week 2 (Weds 4th MArch):

Level 3 Technique with Stewart

200304-NEFS_3_Tech_Stewart zip

200304-L3a_Technique pdf
01-Bowing-CrossCutSawing mp3
02-DScaleExercise_BowingJ mp3 (from last week’s D major worksheet)
03-Exercise_Fourths mp3 (see the ‘Intervallic Relationships’ pdf below)
Intervallic Relationships pdf

Level 3 Style with Melissa

Earl Grey Worksheet pdf

Videos of Earl Grey

Week 1 (Weds 26th February):

Level 3 Technique with Stewart

200226-NEFS_3_Tech_Stewart zip

Link to a recording by Scott Skinner

Level 3: 2020 Block 2 – Advance Material

Level 3 Repertoire (zip file with pdf and all audio files for download):

Level 3 Tunes (pdf)

The Repertoire file and weekly zip files are compressed files which are available to download. Click the link and save the file to your computer or device, then select the downloaded folder and Extract the files. Where individual pdf files are provided, click to view, or right-click (Control click on a Mac) to download. Single mp3 files can be played in your browser (click to open in new window) and downloaded individually from there.